Nakwakto Rapids and Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons

Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons has always had a love for outdoor activities and one of his favorites is that of scuba diving. One site that he notes as being especially interesting is that of Turret Rock, also known as Nakwakto Rapids in British Columbia. This site is great for scuba diving if you can stand the winds. With some of the world’s fastest ocean currents, bragging a whopping 16 knots, the world underneath the surface is worth the fight of the shore. Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons favorite sites are that of the crabs, barnacles, painted greenlings, colorful palettes of anemones and oversized crustaceans that can be narrow found any other places in the world.

About Dan Fitzgibbons’ Minnesota Connection

Dan Fitzgibbons

Since he has more than 25 years’ experience in the technology field, it is no wonder Dan Fitzgibbons, Minnesota Data Protection Business Manager for international tech giant EMC Corporation, is considered a prominent business leader in his adopted community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. EMC is a huge international technology company with a large reach and it is one of the city’s largest employers. Overall, Dan Fitzgibbons can point with pride to his point technology and sales experience, which has made him one of the best around.

As good as he feels about his prominence in the business community, however, he wants to be known for other things. Because Dan Fitzgibbons considers Minnesota is home, he wants to make it the best community it can be. Community has always been one of the most important things in Dan Fitzgibbons’ life. It’s always been that way. It’s why he gives back however he can. For example, he loves to work with causes like Dress for Success Twin Cities, a program to empower women to increase their economic independence by giving them clothing that makes their job interview more successful.

For Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons, Experience is Key

Many people in Minneapolis, Minnesota know Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons for his work as Data Protection Business Manager for the Twin Cities office of EMC Corporation, which is a very prestigious international tech company. However, while he is highly regarded for his tech experience and the knowledge he has gained, those in the know see him as someone who supports his community. That is because family and community have always occupied a special place in Dan’s life.

For Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons, the caring he brings to his community began as he was growing up in Fargo, North Dakota. He attended grade school at Holy Spirit School and then moved on to Shanley High School, where he was active in drama and the Sandpebbles singing group. He was also an athlete, playing on the school’s football and golf teams and also playing intramural hockey. After graduation, his education continued when he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Moorhead State University in Minnesota, just over the state line. He’s never looked back, which is why Daniel Fitzgibbons, who is married and has two children, considers the Greater Minneapolis Area home. He tries hard to give back when possible, so he spends a lot of his time working with local charities.

Giving Back to Minneapolis – Dan Fitzgibbons

In addition to his career and raising a family, Dan Fitzgibbons also works with five Greater Minneapolis Area charities in order to fulfill his passion for helping people. Not many people can manage to do so much as Dan Fitzgibbons does, but he attributes his ability to juggle many different things to his High School days. One of the organizations he is a part of is “Dress for Success Twin Cities” which carries out the organization’s mission of empowering women “to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.”